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*GIANT & SMASH Cupcakes

GIANT cupcakes/ smash cakes are the latest craze!

They are about 20x the size of a regular cupcake and make the perfect centre piece at your birthday, baby shower, wedding or surprise party!

This beautiful home made GIANT cupcake, is made using the finest  ingredients to give you a delicious and moist cake, topped with Dani’s signature creamy icing. The bottom of the cupcake is made from 100% chocolate. What else do you need in a cake?

Interested in a Smash cake for your little one? Click here for more information.

Personalize it however you wish! Dani is happy to make exactly what your heart desires.

Contact Dani for a quote:

Phone/whatsapp: 06 34 51 67 73

OR Email:

cake den haag