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Cheeky Frog!

Posted on May 15, 2013 by in Cupcakes | 1 comment

Inspiration: My little apprentice, Marilise (below) saw these cute little frogs in a cook book one day and was determined to make them, as was i! A frog in a cupcake.. How cute! And as you can see she did a magnificent job for a first time frog baker! These wonderful green creatures were a favoutire of the day.

Decorating techniques: First of all we divided the fondant into 4 seperate pieces. We then coloured the pieces lime green, (for his face) red, (for his tongue) and black (for his eyeballs!) Then came the fun of putting him together. We used our special froggy cutter for his face and used our creativity for the eyes, tongue and nose. And wella! A little green edible frog was born! 

Tips for next time: Make more!! 

  • Making the eyes!
  • Finished product!
  • Kitty on a cupcake!

1 Comment

  1. Super cute! both the cupcake and the apprentice 🙂

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