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GIANT Cupcake!

Posted on Jun 11, 2013 by in Cupcakes | 2 comments

GIANT CUPCAKE: This 'Giant Cupcake' was so much fun to bake and decorate! The paddy case is made entirely out of dark chocolate, and the filling is a soft, moist red velvet cake. The inside of the cupcake is a beautiful deep red color, and it is frosted in a lovely, fluffy cream cheese. (Not a typical red velvet cake!) 

So, how big is this cupcake? As the pictures below suggest, this cupcake is 15cm in height and weighs in at 1955 grams! Pretty impressive huh? The ultimate cupcake for the cupcake lover. This is a truly unique birthday cake, sure to impress everyone! This GIANT cupcake can also be personalised for baby showers, parties and all types of special occasions. Please contact me for more details. 

  • Cake weight!
  • 15cm high cupcake!
  • Time to eat!


    • It sure ‘was’ All gone!!

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