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Spring Has Sprung!

Posted on May 15, 2013 by in Cupcakes | 1 comment

Inspiration: Holland in the Spring time! There are so many beautiful flowers blossoming  everywhere. I thought i would make a cupcake that resembles what i see each day.

Decorating Techniques: First i used some white fondant to cover the cupcake (cut with a special cupcake circle). Then coloured some yellow, green and pink fondant to make the inside of the flower and the leaf. Next i used my special cupcake cutters to create the shapes (flowers, the inside of the flower and leaf). I then stuck the decorations on with cupcake (glue) and topped the flowers with some pretty gold glitter dust! 

Tips: I am happy with how the yellow fondant turned out. It took time to perfect the color, but eventually i got the correct tone. Maybe next time i will add a few more leaves and perhaps dust the leaves with green glitter! 


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