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Stiletto Cupcakes!

Posted on Aug 21, 2013 by in Cupcakes | 0 comments

Stiletto Cupcakes!

Don't they just look fabulous! These were such a pleasure to make! A great birthday idea for any girl who loves shoes! And lets be honest, who doesnt love shoes!

They say putting a new pair of shoes on the table is bad luck....but im happy to test that theory! (Although im certain these wont stay on the table for long!) 

If you would love to know how to make these stiletto cupcakes, why not book a cupcake workshop and get all the girls together! Cupcake workshops can be at the convenience of your own home. More information about workshops can be found on the side tab under 'Cupcake Workshops.' 


'Stay calm, make a cupcake!' 

  • Pink Sparkly Stiletto's!
  • Purple Sparkly Stiletto's!
  • What size cupcake are you?!

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